Just like you...

...I believe in the value of what I do. Here are some of the experiences that have shaped my values—and who I am.

How I think

An interesting thing happened when I was in grad school: I learned how to learn better. While studying international relations and human rights, I often found that long-winded, confusing narratives and theories kept me from fully engaging with the subject matter, which I otherwise found vital and compelling.

As a result, I started to clarify complex texts and ideas by translating them into visuals.

Here’s an example. It’s a mind map, a study guide that helped me master theoretical concepts by representing the relationship between ideas in ways that were easier to grasp.

These are skills that I further developed during my career and now apply in my client work. It’s all about simplifying information into images so that we can understand how to put the abstract to practical use.

What I care about

After grad school, I joined the Peace Corps. My motivation was to take what I had learned and make it real: connect with people and further mutual understanding between cultures through visuals.

I was able to do this in Ukraine, where I taught in the International Relations Department of Dnipro National University. There I was fortunate enough to be able to highlight the importance of intercultural exchange as both founder and editor-in-chief of U Magazine. It brought together students and faculty, their families and communities, and other Peace Corps volunteers. In fact, producing the magazine itself as part of a collaborative process was what brought us together.

“We would like to express our gratitude for your U Magazine. It’s fantastic. We already use it as part of our university training curriculum. Our students unbelievably like it…”

“Her spirit was pure light as is reflected in her interaction with family, friends—and especially her children.”

How I stay inspired

I created my business logo as a tribute to my mom, Jyoti.

Jyoti means “flame,” which is what stands front and center in the lens of my camera and at the tip of my pen. The flame pays tribute to her as my biggest supporter in the life choices I’ve made. She always wanted to see her kids doing work they love that helps others.